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Welcome to coney island

Welcome to Coney Island” combines video with diaroma / kinetic sculpture built using Arduino. The project represents many of the visions and sounds of Coney Island, the public park, the beach, the amusement park, the development zone

The feeling

The Feeling is a graphic slideshow built using P5.js using images from outdoor dance parties.  New Images are slowly displayed by writing a section of a canvas. This is meant to be displayed at full page. Press “F” to toggle full page. The Feeling is not currently working on mobile! 

No More Names

No More Names is a project built using Premiere Pro and After Affects. This project combines video from Black Lives Matter protests with images and the names of people who have been killed by the police.


Multi-Touch Table:Diagnosis sim

“This multi-touch table allowed for two users to approach the table from opposite sides.  Each had the same task: on an unmarked anatomy model, identify pressure points that can be used in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  While their tasks were the same, their knowledge levels often were not.  With this design, they could help each other find the correct points. Pressure had to be applied with 4 kilograms of force.  In order to replicate that force, separate pressure detection pads were designed and integrated with the multi-touch table application.  This interactive was so popular with the client, it was staged numerous times.” *

I wrote the code to implement the design, functionality, and integrated the pressure pads with the application. 

The code for the pressure pads was written using C++  to trigger events that were captured by the surface table application. The surface table application was written using Windows Presentation Foundation. 

Event Design Award, Best Interactive Element (Bronze); / Summit Creative Award, Health & Medicine (Bronze) / Telly Award, Pharmaceuticals (Bronze) / Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Silver)


Navigating Difference - Sites of conscience


This accessible Kiosk was installed in three museums around the world. The application asked visitors three questions about immigration. For example: “Is Immigration Good For Me?”. The results were uploaded to a website which displayed graphs of the results for each country in addition to summary totals.  Users were allowed to select one of three different languages. They had the option to have their photo taken and to enter their own comments about each question which was then translated into the three different languages that could be read or heard by others. The application was designed in Flash.

Easily the most complicated application that I worked on, all of the coding was completed by me, from integrating the camera to translating text, enabling text to voice in each language, translating comments into different languages,  uploading data to the website, and synchronizing the three kiosks every day.

Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Silver)

Life Adaptive Pacing Challenge


“The Challenge was a combination of physical activity and a path through a 3D virtual world. The virtual world consisted of three phases: 1) walking up a city street, then 2) carrying a child (a 20 lb. weight) through a park and finally 3) climbing up the stairs of a baseball stadium.  A platform of pressure plates for simulated walking and a single stair for climbing provided both exercise and the rate of travel through the virtual world.  The faster the player moved, the faster they traveled through the virtual world, all the while driving their heart rate, tracked by a pulse oximeter, higher & higher. To add a level of competition, a leaderboard tracked those with the fastest time.  Some physicians were surprised to see how fast their heart rate was elevated by the end of the exercise.


The game was developed using Unity.  and coded by me to integrate the game with the convention card scanners,  the pressure plates, the pulse oximeter and the leaderboard.  A combination of VBscript, C++ and C# was used to develop this application. 

The heart rate is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen, reflecting the different phases of the game and surprising many of the phsyicians who took on the challenge. 



9/2016 Photo Plus New York Minute
First place: Photo Plus “New York Minute” contest & exhibit

2012-2013 Activist New York
Museum of the City of New York – Photo exhibit 

2019 – 2021 Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

2021 The Art of Coney Island Juried show

TBD  Woodstock Museum

Theatre and Dance

2018 Target Margin Theatre – Opening Day Show

2016 Brooklyn Women’s Chorus – Spring Show

2016 Broadway Asia – Peter Pan Performance

2015 Dance for a Variable Population – Dance Performance


6/2019 Star Review – Art Show Review

9/2016 New York State Nurses Association – Labor Day Parade

11/2016 Wall St Journal  – Broadway Asia Promotion

2/2016 PSC – Clarion – Union Training Session

10/2015 PSC – Clarion – Labor Day Parade

9/2015 PSC – Clarion – Protest  photo

9/2012 Calcalist  – Protest photo


2014 Wetlands NYC History, A Visual Encore 
Photo of Adam Weissman

2016 Native American Almanac 
Photo of Naelyn Pike 

2019 Waking in Havana: A Memoir of AIDS and Healing in Cuba
Photo of Elena Schwolsky

2020 Buddha Body Yoga Beginner
Photos of Michael Hayes yoga poses


2016 – Fighter For You A political ad by End Citizens United on behalf of Zephyr Teachout


2012 – 2013 Occupy Brooklyn Tv – 2012 – 2013

Related Experience:

June – 2012 – Present

Independent Web Developer
Main client:  Menla Retreat & Bob Thurman/ Phoenicia / New York

Responsible for basic maintenance, updates, functionality & backend code. I learned a considerable amount about using jQuery and Ajax as backend code to automate the visual aspect and user experience of websites and integration with external API’s. I developed several WordPress plugins.

June 2019 – December 2019

Gallery Manager / Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Gallery /

New York, NY

Responsible for opening & closing the gallery, managing volunteers, art sales & bookkeeping. I learned a great deal about the art business and still volunteer for the gallery.

July 2009 – June 2012

Interactive Developer / CCG Metamedia & Blue Telescope

Studio/ New York, NY

Responsible for integrating backend technical solutions and functionality as well as implementing wireframe designs, unity games and animations with interactive code. While working for these companies, I learned how to use multiple languages and creative thinking to solve complex technical problems.