Phase 1 & 2

Artist Statement

Homelessness Synthesis Project

Adrian Jones

For the synthesis project, I decided to focus on homelessness and refugees and the spaces that they occupy. I wanted this project to bring to light the different circumstances around homelessness and, on a global level, refugees. For this project, I broug ht together photos, videos and headlines to create my map.

I became interested in this subject when I started noticing the homeless occupying more spaces outside and my neighborhood became embroiled in a controversy over a possible homeless shelter. The homeless sleep in tents, vans & campers. They build houses made out of cardboard under highways, set up homeless camps in tunnels, set up camps under tarps in the local parks. They sleep on the bench in front of the church around the corner. They sleep in the subway entrances. I include refugees in my map because refugees are without a home, they could be considered to be “super homeless” because they are often (not always) removed from their own countries. Our country has its own history of refugees and native refugee camps, from the dust bowl to hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

Like everyone concerned with homelessnes, I hope to impact understanding if not change, which is something even the most dedicated advocates don’t seem to be able to impact.