Phase 1 & 2

Artist Statement

For the synthesis project, I decided to focus on homelessness and refugees and the spaces that they occupy.  I wanted this project to bring to light the different circumstances around homelessness and, on a global level, refugees. For this project, I brought together photos, videos and headlines to create my map.

I became interested in this subject when I started noticing the homeless occupying more spaces outside and my neighborhood became embroiled in a controversy over a possible homeless shelter.  The homeless sleep in tents, vans & campers. They build houses made out of cardboard under highways, set up homeless camps in tunnels, set up camps under tarps in the local parks.  They sleep on the bench in front of the church around the corner. They sleep in the subway entrances.

Like everyone concerned with homelessnes, I hope to impact understanding if not change, which is something even the most dedicated advocates don’t seem to be able to impact.








Phase 3 Notes

Notes for Synthesis Map For Classmates by Daniel Ashley


Adrian Jones


What works well


1)    I like the absence of the body for your Objective column. This works well and provides a reverse of your personal column. I also think that you treat the subject of homelessness with sensitivity. It is a very in depth subject matter and I think you handle it pretty well in your visuals.


2)    I think the overall organization of your squares works really well and the way of laying out your grid and moving through the grid is thought about and considered.


3)    I do really like your allegorical column as well. The use of the fox seems very apt to how general society views the homeless. I think it’s a clever metaphor and I get the connotations


            Ideas to consider


4)    I would consider maybe choosing between homelessness or refugees as the issue. They overlap in terms of their concerns but they are not exactly the same and each has its own conditions, origins, and problems. They sit side by side for me instead as one issue. I think it would help clarity if you chose one or the other.


5)    I would maybe consider making all of the analytical squares statistics graphs as it would help to unite the map. Also in the analytical commercial there is an image of protest with the word gentrification, which feels like it’s own separate issue. I think it would take more research to tie homelessness directly to gentrification. Gentrification has its own effects and results and homelessness has many root causes.


6)    I wonder what other images across the map you could bring in that reference homelessness without using a body. I think this would increase the visual range of the map while allowing your audience to connect with the subject matter in a new way. I am also thinking about how these squares could be jumping off points for new research, and what projects might emerge from this map that treat the topic of homelessness with sensitivity and homeless people with dignity. I am thinking about initiatives that might address this problem like the nonprofit New Story’s 3d printed houses in Mexico, that are providing intriguing solutions to this issue (Link).




Notes for Adrian’s synthesis map





Three points that are working:

  1. The overall structure is logical. Based on each visual element in the chart, I can follow Adrian’s thoughts and gain an overall understanding of her topic/statement.
  2. A very good set-up, starting from the surroundings and eventually reaching a broader global topic.
  3. Very impressed with the symbolic images of the foxes.


Three points that are not working (or could be better):

  1. Private-Stereotypical and Commercial-Stereotypical, a bit abrupt. Because according to the previous logic, it seems that these parts are based on the situations of United States. Suddenly it jumps out of two very obvious Indian and Thai visual elements, feel a little less smooth.
  2. If the Global-Allegorical fox image maybe could be a combination of various foxes, it seems that this column would be smoother.
  3. It would be wonderful if the personal column are all photos from your photography works!

Oct 23, 2021

PROJECT #2: Synthesis Map

Artist: Adrian Jones


Feedback from: GB


“three points that are working”

-Your Row “themes” are very clear: private= you/allies ; public= them/opponents; institi= shelters; commerc= gentrification/ cause; global: refugees.


-The matrix altogether is striking visually.


-As you know I love that it’s an interactive webpage cum modernist artpiece.


“three points that are NOT working”

– I still think including refugees is unnecessary, but mainly because I think you have plenty to cull from just looking at the U.S. Like when you mention at the end of 2nd paragraph of your statement: “Our country has its own history of refugees…” I think this is a great delimiter just exploring and unpacking the socio-economic history in the U.S.


-While I love the fox as an allegory I’m confused about the association. I read Fox as loner, wanderer, thief, predator for sure but how does that relate to homelessness?


-It feels very vague about the “period” it’s talking about. Like the Anal/Instit graph shows a 30-year span, but when you look at 2020-2021 there’s a steep decline which i’d love to see zoomed into. Then you notice that the statistics include “veterans services beds, criminal justice beds” and I wonder about comparing this to the currently “available” beds, i.e. sure the numbers of people in shelters is down for the last year but is that because there are literally thousand of fewer beds/ shelters?